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“Brongbrong! Brongbrong!”

“The clown’s ringing,” shouts Philia, “will somebody get it?”

Nobody does. Philia has to dash into the kitchen to catch it just before the machine picks up.

“Hello?” she says.

“Knock knock!” trills Dooley.

“Banana,” Philia sighs.

“Banana!” says the clown.

Philia waits.

“Knock knock!”

“Look, I know this one,” says Philia. “You say banana, banana, banana, orange I glad you didn’t say banana. Can we skip to the–”


Pierce ambles in. “Knock-knocks again?”

“Knock knock!”

“Honestly,” says Philia. “Why do we even have a clown?”

Pierce blinks. “What are you, a Luddite?”

“Banana!” says Dooley, masturbating.