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Ommatidia by Brendan Adkins
om´ ma tid´ i a (n., pl.) 1. The Second or Third Coming, guitar tabs for the music of the spheres, and some reasons to avoid the Fun Dimension. 2. Saint Frankenstein and the goldfish in everyone; panda studs and problems with the radar in Babylon. 3. A girl with no name in a house without end. 4. The terrifying secret of artificial life.

Ommatidia is a collection of 101 stories from the first three years of Anacrusis, a daily 101-word story project by Brendan Adkins. Like hard taffy, they are small and deliciously tempting. Like hard taffy, they stick around longer than expected, and are tough to get out of your teeth.

Featuring all-new original art by Vera Brosgol, Lisa Brown, John Dixon, Holly Gramazio, Thom May, Jon Morris, Bill Mudron, Kristofer Straub, Will White, and more!

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The Author Edition is signed, numbered, limited to 101 copies, and will include a new exclusive 101-word story written just for you! Just contribute a name or the first six words of your story in the special instructions field when checking out. Get Brendan’s cheap rate at $24.95!

Now back in stock! Please allow some extra processing time while your unique story is written.