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“Do your worst, demon!” grunts Slagjor, as Gr’nThax’s fireburst splashes from his gleaming blade.

“It’s time, young friend,” whispers Poniard Toepad.

“What?” says Token Smallchÿlde, surprised. “But you’re–”

“The beast knows my tricks,” Poniard hisses. “But he discounts you. You’re our only hope!”

Gathering his courage, Token bursts from his hiding place and scrambles up Gr’nThax’s snout. With a whoop, he slides down and leaps from its thrashing tail.

“What?” Gr’nThax roars. “NO!”

But Token’s already snatched the gleaming treasure from its pedestal.< "At last!" exults Slagjor. "The Next Arc of Plot!

“Dangit!” says Gr’nThax. “I die in that one.”