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“I’ve never heard of–”

“Alectryomancy,” says Jaboullei, smiling. “Most haven’t. But we provide accuracy comparable with the leading diviners, and utilize agricultural synergy to ensure that our prices are–” he winks. “–chicken scratch.”

“All right,” chuckles the peasant. “Do I just ask you or…?”

A rooster fixes him with one black eye.

“That’s Gallus,” says Jaboullei. “But yes, ask me.”

“Um. There’s this girl–”

“His brother’s already fertilizing her,” says Gallus.

The peasant stares. “That almost sounded like talking!”

“Do the pecking thing,” Jaboullei hisses.

“Oh, yes, bock bock,” says Gallus sarcastically, and pokes at a circle drawn in the dirt.