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It’s not that Barry minds Lara hosting a reunion party for her ex-boyfriends, exactly, nor that he’s not invited. It’s just that her decision to cater it herself is putting a strain on their kitchen.

“And you’re literally making them breakfast?” he says. “Isn’t that a little suggestive?”

“Don’t delay me!” she says. “I’ve got to make four hundred muffins!”

Barry divides that by about three muffins per person and comes up with a worried number. But it’s preferable to an intimate gathering, right? Barry takes another crack at her Evite password (“Barry?”) (nope) just to see if they’re bringing plus-ones.


The National Museum of Lara’s Boyfriends has an entire wing devoted to Todd, whom she dated for like one term. Surely you understand what that is.

It’s total bullshit.

The lone half-case it devotes to her relationship with Barry is unfair: some leading laralogists have noted that he actually gave her a mix tape on the Spanish Club trip six months beforehand, and that she didn’t see anyone seriously in the intervening period. Arguably, they were together that whole time.

And what’s with these “apocryphal” exhibits about her dating a girl in college? They can’t provide one photo?

Come on.