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“And those are the results coming out of this week’s Minnesota caucus. Any thoughts on the implications, Susie?”

“There’s little doubt that the Hamm campaign will enjoy a significant cash influx on the strength of that showing,” Susie replies. “We expect to see them courting Pushdo and Conficker very soon.”

“Which will let them run command-and-control protocols on nearly twelve million unregistered voters?”

“Exactly. The Burton campaign, still relying on StormWorm, simply won’t be able to match that.”

Branford shakes his head. “Post-botnet primary season is certainly a change from the old days, Susie.”

“Is it?” Susie asks.


“The horrific disaster at this photo shop has left ten thumbless,” says Branford in his most serious news voice, “as well as four without reflections, one heavily aliased, and two—yes, two with fake heads.”

“A tragedy,” confirms Susie at the anchor desk. “We’re also hearing that there may be some dead pixels?”

“Yes–I can tell from seeing quite a few such shops in my time.”

“Absolutely horrific. All right, Branford, we’ll be checking in with you later to explore each successive layer of this story–”

Branford winces. “When this airs,” he says, “you might want to filter that out.”


Name: I believe all hostages
Address: Are accounted 4 and
Alive but there are some
Injuries we have no more
Name: Info on what created the
Address: Sphere or why than u do
Am transmitting this via
Cellphones contact xchange
Name: Function bcs infrared is
Address: Apparently only wvlngth
Able to penetrate the
Sphere will continue 2
Name: Update as able repeat
Address: This is branford davis
With ch 12 news from
Inside the sphere that
Name: Appeared yesterday in
Address: Downtown omaha
Trapping a number of us
Without explanation or