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Dr. Zierobinus

“Gather round, gentlemen and negotiable companions of Boxelder Falls,” crows Dr. Zierobinus, “to witness a demonstration of my Spectacular Travelling Psychiatry Show!”

“See here!” bustles the mayor. “There’s no peddling miracle cures in this township!”

“The notion of cures is outmoded!” says Dr. Zierobinus. “I peddle miracle ongoing treatment relationships in a therapeutic context.”

“I call it hogwash and pseudoscience and I won’t have it, no sir,” the mayor says.

“Do I detect a repressed hostility engendered by an inattentive guardian who worked in medicine?”

The mayor gapes. “Y-yes!”

“Psy… chiatry!” shouts Dr. Zierobinus.

“Ooh!” says everybody. “Clap clap clap.”