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$420 / 112ft² – HUGE room in rad group home

Seeking a rad, drama-free fifth housemate to complete us! Your room is 28’x4′ at the top of a rad 1989 triplex at Foster and 621st. We share the kitchen, dining/meditation area and 0.5 rad bathrooms. 420 friendly ;) (get it) (pot)

About us: Gennifer’s 22, not not funemployed and an amazing paintist. DK, 34, is a former coolhound. Flora (age unknown) is a yoga instructor/outpatient who skated here from Burning Man! Beyond is 58 and MCs for White Funk Nation. Unity is our wise, passionate chicken cooplective.

Open house from 3:35-4:20 ;) am Tuesday. Hope to love you there!!!