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“Give it!” says Boko, and, grabbing the TransfoJet 5000, he shoves little Lucia down the stairs. She tumbles into a heap at the bottom and wails.

Now Boko has Maser Man and the TransfoJet 5000. He glances slyly toward Jamon, playing with the Glop Fortress.

He stomps and yanks hair. He bites and shoves. He becomes a terror, and the other children flee before him.

At last Boko finds himself alone in the playhouse. He has all the newest, shiniest toys, but nobody else to play with them.

It’s completely awesome and he lives for a hundred years and dies happy.


They go in around 2 am, when the lone security guard naps–just bend aside a sheet of plywood covering some broken glass and slip through. Showtime Cinema was a cavern even before it closed; now it’s a dark and dangerous playground.

It’s Jamon who finds the box of old film cans, and Lucia who wires a car battery to a projector in Theater B (Lucia can do this stuff). The movies are incomplete, so they end up pasting together silent fifteen-minute chunks, narrating them together, in a kind of secret Mystery Dada Theater: Professional Beach Blanket Little Lady, Part Deux.