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“I’m younger than you!” gloats Lyndsey.

“I was born a minute later,” snaps Lynnette.

“Took myself a little trip to Europa,” Lyndsey’s laugh crackles over the spacephone. “Near lightspeed. Time dilation, baby. Lost a month!”

“Beat you by six,” says Lynnette, much later, from Pluto.

“Two years!” retorts Lyndsey, from Rupert.

They leave for Alpha Centauri within days of each other, but when they meet again Lyndsey’s losing.

“We’ve still got the same DNA.” Lynnette’s smirk is too old for her face. “It’s perfectly legal.”

“Your brain in a clone body is not a twin!” fumes Lyndsey.

“You’re right. We’re dectuplets.”