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Stephanie Long

Stephanie Long and Lucie Corner (#30) dance until it’s time to go to the back porch and get interrupted making out by a startled Miguel Sebanon (#8) and continue from the back of the cab to Stephanie Long’s apartment. The cat won’t leave them alone. Lucie Corner pries herself away at three in the morning and leaves Stephanie Long with her shirt off, her pants on and a throbbing petulant disappointment, then comes back at seven and they get in the shower and Lucie Corner leaves again and finally, sleep.

Stephanie Long isn’t sure who’s supposed to call whom. Neither does.

Stephanie Long

You have to be in good shape to Magnajoust, of course, but you don’t need the traditional athletic form. Miguel Sebanon (#8) is only 5’4″. He and the other rogue back (Carol Tolliver, #41) derive a distinct advantage from their low centers of gravity.

Gravity, like peripheral vision, matters in Electric Magnajoust. This is why Imani Rhodes (#17) makes them hold flashcards to either side of her as she stares intently straight ahead.

“You look ridiculous,” Stephanie Long informs her.

“I’ve almost got it,” Imani Rhodes insists.

“The previews are starting,” Simon Yu groans.

“Zero!” says Imani Rhodes. “Shit, six?”

Stephanie Long

Stephanie Long doesn’t actually play Electric Magnajoust; she just hangs out with most of the Stone City Thunders. This is why she’s at Lucie Corner’s goodbye party, leaning on a molded archway frame as Miguel Sebanon (#8) holds forth about the consequences of the inbound tangent rule, when she becomes aware of someone beside her.

“Are you listening to him?” asks Imani Rhodes, who came after all. “You didn’t even watch the game.”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t like to hear about it,” she says.

Imani Rhodes snorts.

“Don’t you?”

“Talking about Joust,” says Imani Rhodes, “is like buildings about dancing.”