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Yevgeny does the puzzles and Minzhu unlocks the people. There are lots of other Yevgenys in their neigborhood, but they don’t have a Minzhu. They live in Steganopolis and are very, very rich.

“Which won’t last long,” says Yevgeny. “We should enjoy it. Last month’s losers have connections within the city, and they’re unhappy with you.”

“With you,” she corrects. “I’m just a tourist trying to divine the city’s anima.


“Kind of.”

“I told you what the secret anagram for ‘Steganopolis’ was, didn’t I?” Yevgeny’s face is sober now, alert and still.

“Not yet,” says Minzhu.

“Oops!” says Yevgeny, “Genitals.”


In Steganopolis everything’s a game.

“Because people like me started seeing the hidden patterns in everything, without our medication,” says Yevgeny. He twists the elevator button to the left and pops it open, revealing the biomet pad underneath. “They built this city so that, somewhere, it’d be true.”

“I can barely even beat the puzzler on my cell phone,” mumbles Minzhu. “I don’t think I belong…”

“You can read people,” says Yevgeny. “Their tells.”

“Yeah,” she admits.

“Then remember that everyone else here is playing for pennies.” Yevgeny scans his thumb; the elevator starts moving laterally. “You’re in the currency market.”