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Admiral Ackbar

“Have the Mon Calamari cruisers arrived yet?” asks General Madine.

“Not yet,” says Princess Leia. “Admiral Ackbar, perhaps you’d like to hail the Mon Calamari on the comm?”

Ackbar looks annoyed, probably. “Hail whom?”

“Your planet’s contribution of the fleet,” says Princess Leia, looking up from the combat plotter. “You know, the Mon Calama–”

“Stop saying that!” yells Ackbar. “We’re not calamari! Calamari is a food you people eat! That’s like me asking for you to send a communique to the roast macaque!”

“Galactic Standard has lots of borrowed words,” chuckles Madine. “Just ask Darth Vader.”

“What?” says Luke Skywalker. “Why?”