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Brought to you by Ben Wray

“Okay, what about exceptions?”

“I need your exceptiona-” but then Kay’s rudely interrupted.

“Notimetoexplain!” Mario grabs her and spacetime rearranges itself in a flash of light. They’re just in time for the closing words.

“Omnia mutantur, nihil interit,” solmenly quotes Toe. “Death is but a door, time is but a window…”

“Is he quoting Ghostbusters 2 or 8-bit theater?” asks Jake, but Dylan kicks him, hard, and he shuts up.

Everybody’s there. Zach, Rob, Asuka’s doctor, Zaganza, Shelly, your favorite character not already mentioned… everybody.

Then Millicent’s paw thrusts triumphantly out of the ground suck it Brendan I win forever.


Shelly decides it’s September.

“Nobody said it could be September,” says Wedgwood, when he blows in the door. His eyes are wide. “You didn’t check to see if it could be September.”

“I hate August,” says Shelly.

Wedgwood hesitates. “Because August was when we–”

“Because it’s hot,” she says.

“It’s all slipping now,” he says, “you made it too heavy at this end.”

“So merry early Christmas,” says Shelly, “go away.”

“You’re careless,” he says as October tumbles into Labor Day.

“You’re too critical,” she says.

“I know.” He breezes out the window.

Shelly hits winter hard, and cracks her lips.