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The asteroid chunks leave the Space Revenge’s cannons at a significant fraction of lightspeed. The freighter train can’t dodge forever: its klicks-long tail of buckytrailers is easy to follow.

“Starboard cannons fire!” roars Space Captain Bonnet. “Prepare to board!”

“She’s slowing, cap’n,” announces Space Bosun Vine. He’s right–the freighter’s cutting forward power, jerking to port and starboard.

“Space arr!” Bonnet leers. “About time!”

“Wait–Space Helmsman!” gasps Vine. “Full thrust keelwise!”

“Arr?” He hesitates.

Vine grabs the controls, too late. The buckytrailers are following their engine perfectly, crack-the-whip.

The caboose hits the Space Revenge at a significant fraction of lightspeed.