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Northwood: Smithfield! Smithfield!
Smithfield:            Well shit! What up, Northwood?
Northwood: About to get this bitch cold started, man.
Did you remember all the Natty Ice?
Smithfield: Hells yeah. I got that nasty shit right here.
Temjin: (entrat) Northwood! Smithfield!
Northwood:            Hey T! How’d Wormy do?
Temjin: He’s set his socks on fire! You gotta see!
Worm: (stocking-feet ablaze) Hey, how’s it hangin’, boys?
Northwood:            The Worm!
Smithfield:                       What up!
Northwood: Shit… doesn’t that, like, burn?
Worm: A party trick, my boys, I picked it up
In Maxim yesterday. The beers help, too.
Smithfield: Whoo!
All: Whooooo!