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The Taggert Files. Taggert infiltrates a theophagous resurrection cult with roots in the Middle East. (R)
Funkalicious Flavors. Pitchers of alcohol stiffened with raw egg; a goose the size of a small child.
Wackonomics. The entire US economy for the next century depended on a single day in late November. Did you screw it up? With host Buckethead.
The Doctors. An obese burglar attempts a home invasion via chimney. Leopold takes heat when he dies during leg amputation.
Paradoz. Oz’s first personality extols greed while his second piously refutes it. No resolution. (R)


“Have a seat,” squeaks Leopold in his best falsetto. “The doctor will be right in.”

Corba nods and shifts on the crinkly paper. Leopold ducks outside and rips off the wig, pulls off the scrubs over his shirt and slacks, unbinds his corset and slaps at his mascara with an astringent pad. He moves the moustache from the back of his neck onto his face, clears his throat, and re-enters.

“Hello, doctor,” says Corba. “That was quick.”

Leopold permits himself a smile.

“Still shows no signs of recognition,” sighs the first agent, watching.

“What, is she blind?” says the second.