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SWM should stop trying bars while Cirque du Soleil is in town.

“Yeah, I’m a web developer,” he says, nails buffed mirror-bright. “Mostly sites that work on your iPhone, y’know?”

“Can I see one?” says the only SF who’s shown interest all night.

“Sure! As soon as I get an iPhone–”

“Gut evening,” says Jorma, stepping in as smooth as butterscotch. “I speak three languages. I have traveled to feefty countries. My body is perfect, and I can fly.”

SWM opens his mouth. They’re gone.

“Need anything, sir?” says the kind bartender.

“Another Rogers,” SWM sighs, “heavy on the Roy.”


SWM, late 20s, 5′ 10 3/4″, working on losing those extra pounds; new driver with ambitions to nomadic wandering, currently living in college friends’ spare room. Seeking S/D/PF, will give just about anything a try! No smokers, no drug abusers, teetotaller who would prefer same. Great at lasting relationships (still talks to ex-girlfriend on a daily basis). Music lover–seven years of experience playing bongos, completely self-taught. Sci-fi/fantasy writer working on self-published debut. Loves board games, card games, video games, improv games, role-playing games and Battlestar Galactica! Ask about my WoW character.