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Science Officer Riker

“And why didn’t you notice the ship was leaking antimatter for four hours?”

“Look, I had a hot holodate,” shrugs Science Officer Riker. “Things got out of hand. And also into hand. Because I got a holohandy.”

“Will, maybe if we tried reversing the polarity to–” says Engineering Chief Crusher.

“I tried reversing her polarity last night, if you know what I mean!” says Science Officer Riker. “What I mean is that we did it from behind.”

Around the table, the other officers stare at him hard enough to press latinum.

“I’m detecting tension somewhere in this vicinity,” frowns Captain Troi.


They look at the table askance.

“I sort of want to read the flap copy,” says Tananarive.

“Aren’t you afraid that would unleash it?” says Rawley. “Or possibly instill it?”

There are eight stacks of the same book on clearance, entitled The Riker Within. Somebody has arranged them at different heights to make it look as if they’re going fast. The effect is unconvincing.

“Maybe it introduces him,” says Tananarive. “Via penetration?”

“Or it’s a guide to rooting him out–”

“I don’t like what that implies about me!”

From the lower right quadrant of eight glossy covers, Jonathan Frakes beams up.