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Murdron and Garmegula are pushing down buildings to see how many other buildings they can topple, domino-style. Concrete breaks loose from twisted rebar; a tiny clang echoes from Murdron’s foot down what remains of the street.

Klaxons klax from Murdron’s klaxula. “Our lifestyle is under attack!” he thunders, deploying laserbursts to rake the rubblescape. Garmegula stomps through three hospitals and the Humane Society. Norbert, struggling for breath through a crushed ventilator, throws a picture of his late family at Garmegula’s tail.

Tink, goes the picture.

“I KNEW IT,” shrieks Garmegula in righteous triumph, and douses a daycare with radioactive pee.


Garmegula roars and stomps around the industrial park, leaving twenty-foot prints in the concrete, which makes it difficult for Jebediah to finish his PowerPoint.

“The red line, of course, tracks gross revenue over six months, and the blue area would cover expenditures.”

“KREEE,” Garmegula bellows.

“Now, that’s not a great-looking graph!” says Jebediah, who was up until 3 am trying to make it look less terrible.

“GREEAGGH,” says Garmegula.

“But th-things look good to roll out the second wave of action figures in December, and the interactive DVD is–”



Murdron and Garmegula have been battling so much lately that people are starting to talk.

“Do you even remember the last time Murdron threw down with Welbaru?” says Gerania, eyebrows high.


“February! I checked!”

“You really think something’s going on?” says Hebron, as they duck and cover from a blast of napalm breath.

“I don’t know how they expect to stay off TMZ.”

Garmegula and Murdron are engaged in a long, staggering clinch; Garmegula’s dorsal blades shred the bank tower. There’s a lot of subsonic grunting.

Watching from the volcano a mile away, Akikai weeps. It’s probably just the fumes.


The Ufonian craft hums right into the base, stops and hovers, and dumps its latest load of abductees down a beam of light into the hopper on Mechnozoid’s head. As it fills with hapless fleshlings, its eyes begin to glow; before long it’s grinding its way out of the cavern to shoot lasers at Garmegula. Again.

Delmar and Croesus are two of the first to finish tumbling through its works and wind up, greasy and shaken, on the ground behind it.

“Was that Mechnozoid?” says Delmar, ginger with bruises. “I hate being used to power Mechnozoid!”

“It’s a job,” shrugs Croesus.


“Putting legal limits on kaiju rampages?” Bernhardt is aghast. “That’s tantamount to nationalization!”

“It’s a natural role for the Kaijuville Council,” says Aguilar.

“Every citizen has a God-given right to stumble into an unguarded nuclear facility, bathe his body in strange energies and grow into a hundred-foot-tall mutant,” says Bernard firmly. “To say otherwise is, is–”

Before he can pick an unfashionable ethos, Murdron and Garmegula accidentally stomp the council building to pieces, and Garmegula sets the ruins aflame.

Later, Vulfhor stops by and, a bit shamefacedly, picks out and eats the corpses.

It’s tough all over in Kaijuville.